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Vision of College of Design & Technology has been started with a view of promoting arts and technology in Central India. The College hopes to nurture new art forms blending them with innovative technologies in the interactive environment of the college.

Helene Fuld

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Helene Fuld College of Nursing has been educating nurses for over sixty-five years.  Founded in 1945, Helene Fuld (a private, not-for profit institution) has always been at the forefront of nursing education.  Unique to the mission of the College is its career ladder approach.  Recognizing nursing as a multi-level career, the College is committed to […]

Savya Sachi

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We, at Savya Sachi Vidyapeeth, are committed to creating an environment that caters the needs of growing and learning individuals. While ensuring the growth in their physical, mental, spiritual, intellectual, social and human aspects, we also maintain an adequate awareness of the unique identity and needs of our students. The Savya Sachi Vidyapeeth, Ujjain, believes […]

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